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What are microcoils? Why does the Helix Elite Collection feature them?
If you’re shopping for a mattress online, you’ve probably come pretty familiar with the hybrid mattress design. Many mattresses today, including every mattress in the Helix lineup, are made with a hybrid design – combining individually wrapped steel coils in the base of the mattress with foam comfort layers sitting directly on top of the coils. 

When you’re exploring the Helix Elite collection, though, you’ll find something a bit different. 

The Helix Elite collection is all about pushing the boundaries of what you might expect from a mattress. We’ve done just that by adding two layers of individually wrapped steel coils in the body of every Elite mattress, providing next-level support and durability in addition to incredible luxury comfort. 
Helix Elite Mattress
So, what are microcoils and what purpose do they serve?
Microcoils, much like the support coils we use in the base of our mattresses, are constructed into steel wires and individually wrapped in a nonwoven knit fabric.  Unlike support coils, though, microcoils are designed to be much shorter and much more flexible. Rather than pushing back against the weight of your body to provide support in the base of your mattress, microcoils offer just a bit of cradling resistance, hugging to your body and offering the best combination of durable support and pressure-relieving comfort. 

So why did we include microcoils in the Elite collection?
When the Elite collection was conceived, the goal was to include every luxury feature possible. We have aimed since day one of planning for the Elite collection to treat sleepers to an experience unlike any other. 

One of the first things you’ll notice about each of our Elite mattresses is the combination of 4 distinct foam layers, more than any other mattress we make. But to get the very most out of each foam layer, you have to give them some room to perform. That’s why we chose to include two separate microcoil layers sandwiched between foam layers to enhance their comfort and ensure their long-lasting durability. 

These dual microcoil layers are situated in the body of the mattress and also help to disperse body weight across a greater surface area of your mattress, reducing pressure point contact and ultimately reducing pain and discomfort while you sleep. 

Don’t forget about airflow!
Every Helix Elite mattress is made with our built-in GlacioTex™ Elite cooling cover to ensure your optimal sleep temperature all night long. But the addition of two microcoil layers in the body of your mattress also offers enhanced airflow through the surface, helping you stay cooler while you sleep. Our microcoil layers are designed with space between the fabric that surrounds each coil. When 
Compressed, the space creates what is called a “bellowing effect” that pushes air to and through the surface of your mattress, providing a cooler sleeping environment.
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