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Helix Adjustable Base


Head & Foot Elevation
Zero Gravity Pain Relief
Reduce Snoring

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The Adjustable Base

From helping with back pain and snoring to allowing for the perfect TV watching position or making it easier to get in and out of bed, the versatile Adjustable Base can do it all. Learn more about the benefits below:

Helix Adjustable Base Problems and Solutions Chart
Take Control Of Your Comfort
Adjustable Base Icon
Head & Foot Elevation

Raise and lower the head and foot of your bed with ease to find the perfect angle that helps reduce snoring, alleviate joint pain, and release back tension. Great for sleeping or simply relaxing in bed.

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Zero Gravity Relief Position
This neutral body posture was popularized by NASA astronauts and comfortably angles your body in a relaxing, 120 degree position to support spinal decompression, lower back pressure relief, and hip tension release. Comes preset via remote control.
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Wireless Remote with Memory Presets

Maintain complete control with wireless remote connectivity, three programmable presets, and a one-touch flat setting.

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Dual Massage Functionality

Take relaxation to the next level and treat yourself with soothing head and foot massage functions and massage timer presets. 

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USB A + C Connectivity

Charge your favorite device straight from your bed. Two convenient USB ports on the underside of your Adjustable Base provide convenient connectivity, plus underbed lighting is available for additional visibility.

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Zero Clearance

Keep your favorite bed frame in place! Our Zero Clearance design allow you to remove the legs and place the Adjustable Base directly on top of your current bed frame or platform bed while maintaining full functionality.

Customizable Height

Choose your perfect sleep with 12" stackable legs.

Raise and lower the height of your Adjustable Base in 3" increments

with our easy to unscrew leg design.

With customizable leg height you can:

  • Maximize storage space
  • Get in and out of bed easier
  • Change heights tool-free

Product Specs

Adjustable Base


Twin XL: 38" W x 80" L - 99 lbs

Full: 54" W x 74" L - 119 lbs

Queen: 60" W x 80" L - 130 lbs

King: 76" W x 80" L - 99 lbs (per box)

CA King: 72" W x 84" L - 101 lbs (per box)


Please note: King and CA King Adjustable Bases have a split design and will ship in two boxes. They will include instructions for how to assemble and pair the two halves together. 

2" slim-profile foundation style base

2" diameter and 12" 4-in-1 stackable legs for adjusting height

Carbon Steel

Injection Molded ABS Plastic

Upholstery Fabric: Polyester

All Adjustable Bases are shipped free of charge in the United States via FedEx Ground. 

If you are purchasing a King or CA King Adjustable Base, your base will ship in two boxes and will include instructions for how to assemble and pair the two halves together. 


Adjustable Base shipping dimensions: 

Twin XL: 40.4” W x 42.2" L x 7.6” H - 107.8 lbs

Full: 40” W x 56.2” L x 7.6” H - 125.4 lbs

Queen: 42.8” W x 62.6" L x 7.6” H - 138.6 lbs

King: 42.1" L x 40.2" W x 8.1" H - 99 lbs per box

CA King: 43.5" L x 37.8" W x 8.1" H - 99 lbs per box

Due to the nature of this product, there is no trial period. Free return offered if packaging is unopened.

Up to 20-year Limited Warranty. Learn More

Is The Adjustable Base Right For You?

No longer only found in hospitals or just for older sleepers with debilitating mobility issues, Adjustable Bases are great for improving sleep comfort and quality for everyone. From helping to reduce snoring, alleviate back pressure, and decrease joint pain to finding the best relaxing (or binge watching!) positions, the Adjustable Base takes your comfort to the next level. Explore the benefits below:
Adjustable Base Features Graphics

Relief For Snoring

& Sleep Apnea

Even the smallest increase in elevation at your head and shoulders can reduce snoring and Sleep Apnea in an instant. Find the perfect position for a deeper, more restful night's sleep - for you and your partner. 
Adjustable Base Features Graphics

Reduced Spinal Pressure

& Back Pain

In a fully flat sleeping position, pressure tends to build up at your hips and lower back. But with both head and leg elevation options, you can ease your position into a pressure-free position of support and all-night comfort.
Adjustable Base Features Graphics

Remote-Powered Presets

Once you find that perfect sleeping position, don't waste another second trying to repeat it. Easy remote-powered presets allow you to cycle from TV watching mode to sound asleep in just seconds.
Adjustable Base Features Graphics

Relaxation & Massage Functionality

Now you've got the spa treatment right at home. Enjoy three massage intensities as you relax after a long day or as you dose off for a restorative night's sleep.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Adjustable Base work with all Helix mattresses?

Yes! All Helix mattresses are made with individually wrapped steel coils, allowing them to move in any position on the Adjustable Base without sacrificing support or durability. 

Does the Adjustable Base include a warranty? 

The Adjustable Base includes a tiered warranty with 2-year coverage on defects in materials or workmanship, 5-year coverage on defective parts, and 10-year limited coverage on defective components. Learn more.

What other benefits could I experience with an Adjustable Base?

The Adjustable Base offers so much more than just comfort. With complete control over your sleep, you can enjoy improved circulation, aided digestion, reduced swelling, and more.

What is Zero Gravity?

Zero Gravity refers to a neutral body posture that simulates weightlessness. Developed by NASA for astronauts during takeoff, Zero Gravity includes slightly raising both the head and foot of your bed for the most relaxed position possible.

How can the Adjustable Base help with relieving back pain?

The Adjustable Base allows you to raise both your head and feet into a comfortable position that reduces stress, particularly near your lower back. With wireless remote control, you can customize your unique angle for optimal comfort.

How difficult are delivery and setup?

The Adjustable Base is shipped directly to your home via FedEx Ground and assembly is quick and easy. Your shipment will include easy-to-follow instructions. We recommend two or more people be present for assembly. 

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